Above Ground Pools

Our Premier above ground pool is at the top when it comes to having fun! Its rectangular shape provides you with more space than regular circular pools of the same capacity. You simply have more room for your water sports and fun.

The benefits of having an above the ground pool are easy to see. There is a vast cost savings when compared to the cost of an inground pool, and sometimes that cost savings can be several thousand dollars. Additionally, above ground pools are much safer for children and pets due to the fact that is is much more difficult to walk into an above ground pool.

Every one of our swimming pools features a rock-solid foundation, a three-way filtration system, swing-up safety ladder, slip-resistant pool deck, and all the fun that comes along with it!

Above Ground Pool
Above Ground Pool

If you are interested in one of our pools, contact us today to set up a consultation and meeting with one of our experts. In addition to above ground pools, Kayak Pools also offers recessed and inground options.