Our Pools

Our pools fit into one of three categories: above ground, recessed, and inground. Feel free to select one of the three below to learn more about the advantages of each.

Why is it important for me?

It's simple: because it's just a fantastic deal!

Having a Kayak pool is cost-effective and fun. Forget about crowded malls or entertainment parks, forget remote beaches and transport hassle. Your backyard is the new perfect holiday resort!

There are many ways for you to gain peace of mind from having a Kayak Pool:

  • Know exactly where your children are playing and know that they are safe because of the extruded aluminum perimeter
  • The convenience of a virtually maintenance-free pool
  • Your own above ground pool next to your doorstep, with practically no effort to maintain
  • The foundation is built using the strongest extruded aluminum that pool constructors use today.
  • Walkways and patio decks sport an unique design of interlocking panels made by aluminum, painted with electrostatically-bonded and resistant to slip material.
  • Great health benefits - swimming is maybe the best form of exercise available
  • Sediments are continuously filtered out by the double-filtration system. That means less time you spend cleaning, and more time having a nice swim
  • Heavy-duty pool liner has a 30-year guarantee
  • Security for life: The WaterWalls do not rust, do not rot, and do not need to be maintained.
  • Enhanced safety: a built-in fence around the swimming pool; swing-up pool ladder to prevent unauthorized access
  • More space for water play and fun

Please contact us using our online form if you've got any questions. Feel free to check out the cities in which our above ground pool dealer operates in.