Water Walls

Water Walls Diagram

The stability and strength of Kayak Lifetime Water Walls are legendary! Using state-of-the art technology these walls are designed to guarantee you peace of mind while having a great time! The walls are constructed to be the structure that anchors the aluminum channels to create a solid foundation that will maintain the strength of the pool for years.

  • Force them in any way: jump, kick, throw objects at them – the walls will just ignore you and continue to do their job perfectly well. That's why the above the ground pool is so fun!
  • High-end technology, using advanced plastic core to keep a low weight but ensure great strength.
  • To Kayak’s water walls weather is not important: they don’t mind if it’s hot or cold, day or night, sunny or raining.
  • You don’t need to worry about maintenance, the swimming pool is just there, waiting for you!
  • Rust and rot proof forever.
  • Easy and quick to handle. Pool installation was never easier!