Decks and Fences

Kayak pool decks are both simple to install and very attractive. Ever one of our decks are slip resistant and are constructed of extruded aluminum interlocking panels. They are then electrostatically coated with slip resistant paint and ultimately anchored to the pool wall. This construction makes the decking practically indestructible and incredibly safe. This product will never rust or have the maintenance required by a wood deck. View our decking configurations below.

Decking Configurations

We can create the ideal decking configuration to suit your home, lifestyle, yard, and budget.

  • T-Deck – provides ample room for lounge chairs or a patio set
  • Walk-Around Deck – allows access to the pool from all sides
  • L-Deck – accommodates a grill or other outdoor furniture
  • Single End Deck – works well for recessed pools for easy entry
  • Full Side Deck – also a favorite for recessed or inground pool installations
Kayak Deck Options

Pool Fences

Pool Fencing

Our fences are designed to be both safe and sturdy. Their all aluminum construction creates a very strong and solid barrier around the entire pool. When you use our fences along with your swing up safety ladders, you can prevent children and pets from entering into the pool and pool area on their own. The fence is 36" high at the railings with 4" picket spacing which is the ideal spacing for keeping children safe around the pool. These fences are designed to not rust or rot and will last a lifetime.