Pool Accessories

Kayak pool parts and accessories are designed to increase comfort, add convenience, and add additional safety features to your pool. The items below are available to improve the safety and add features to your pool.

Pool Covers

One of the best ways to increase swimming pool safety is to have a swimming pool safety cover put in. It is easier to prevent accidents from happening by putting a cover on the pool. But you should never leave young children unattended.

Winter Pool Cover

Specifically designed to fit Kayak Pools, the above ground winter pool cover is perfect for keeping your pool clean and protected during the winter months.

The winter pool cover features heavy-duty tarp tabs at four feet intervals, which effectively align with your swimming pool's posts. They also have heavy-duty water bag loops at the same intervals which set them apart from competing products.

Our winter pool cover is non-corrosive, non-abrasive and reinforced. Depending on which model you choose for your pool, warranties range from six to twelve years.

Important note: The winter cover is to be positioned so that the black side is facing down and the blue side facing up.

FROG® System Water Balancing and Treatment

The FROG® System is fantastic pool care system. With a FROG® auto-chlorinator, your pool water will look and feel better without a lot of work or a lot of chlorine! The minerals help destroy bacteria and keep the pH in the safe range while reducing overall use of chlorine. The end result is softer water that has an added sparkle.

Using your test kit which is included in the maintenance package and your FROG® cycler, you can have a better, easier way to maintain the ideal water balance chemistry.

AutoPilot® Salt System

Built into your existing Kayak pump system, the AutoPilot salt system is operating any time the pump is running. Ordinary salt (sodium chloride) is added to the swimming pool. The salt circulates through the generator and is broken down through a process called electrolysis—instantly creating chlorine that is pumped back into the swimming pool water. The chlorine in water eventually turns back into salt, and is reprocessed over and over.

System Features

  • A digital read-out of pool water temperature, current salt level, purifier production level, soft reverse cell cleaning cycle and boost cycle.
  • The easy to read digital readout on this in-line unit even tells you how much salt to add should it run low.
  • The Pool Pilot Digital has a patented temperature compensation feature that actually adjusts chlorine production according to the demands of the water temperature and operates in water temperatures up to 104 degrees.
  • It can purify pools up to 50,000 gallons and has a built-in time clock to control your pool pump.

AquaCal Heat Pumps

Save energy and money while keeping your pool water at the ideal temperature. These pumps transfer heat from the air rather than creating heat at a fraction of the cost of gas and electric powered heat pumps. This is an ideal choice in heating your Kayak pool!

Heat Pump Features

  • Microprocessor controlled with digital display – Accurate, easy-to-read time and temperature settings and microprocessor controlled defrost cycle.
  • Thermalink Titanium heat exchanger – Heats water faster and more efficiently and has a lifetime warranty.
  • Scroll Compressor – Quiet operation with unsurpassed reliability and superior durability.
  • Aquatop – Cover keeps components free of leaves and debris.
  • Corrosion Proof Cabinet – Rust proof, fade proof and impact resistant.
  • Dual Row Coated Evaporator Coil on H155 – Features more heating power and wider operating range.
  • Electrical Hook-Ups – Available from both sides.
  • Off-Set Planning – Easy installation.

For questions or additional information about your salt system or heat pump click here.