We exclusively sell and install the premiere rectangular pools. We have found that these shapes maximize the amount of usable pool space. We are the leader in above ground swimming pools and our products are designed and built using the latest technology which is why we can guarantee they will out last the competition. Safety is our primary concern when it comes to pool design and construction and we have built every part with that in mind. Every part has been thoroughly inspected and verified.



As with any construction project, the quality is first defined by the foundation. Kayak pools design includes a lasting foundation in order to build up your yard for permanent stability. Quality starts with the first step.

  • We take the time to ensure the soil compaction is done properly to support the weight.
  • All pieces used for building the foundation come as one-piece, this means no excess parts to diminish the strength.
  • At pool installation, we use one piece bottom channels (4.75 inch wide), made from the best quality grade extruded aluminum on the market.
  • 30-year warranty for the structure, our swimming pools are very resistant.
  • All these and more add up to the strongest type of foundation on the market today.

How about the strongest walls in the industry? We've constructed one of the best pool walls there is: water, insect and shock resistant (you can jump, kick, or throw anything at them). Once you installed the pool walls, just forget about them and move on to having fun in your pool.

Braces and Support

Support Braces

How exactly is our pool different from competitors? One key factor is the presence of braces every two feet, on the center of our pools. That’s one of the reason for which we easily give you a 30-year warranty for the structure. Braces and supports are fabricated from a very tough grade extruded aluminum: this is the strongest swimming pool you'll ever have!

  • Baked-on enamel finish
  • Electrostatically bonded
  • Will never rust or need repainting
  • Hardware made of stainless steel
  • Your pool will be in good shape practically forever

You’ll never need to brace yourself when you use our pools. Braces and supports made by Kayak are top-notch in the pool industry.


A quality pool liner is essential and our beaded virgin vinyl liner is one of the best there is. If it wasn't, we couldn't warranty it for 30 years.

  • Most severe tests in the industry are applied on each pool liner
  • A thickness of 25 mil using no reprocessed plastics
  • A UV inhibitor prevents deterioration in the sun
  • Treated to slow the growth fungus, algae and mildew
  • Double-welded overlapped seams
  • Very smooth with no irregularities on the surface
  • Very easy to install your pool – you can do it yourself
  • Continuous seal
  • Liner is locked by a new "bead-lock" vinyl edging

Top Channel

Building above ground pools is not a task for an amateur! For years, ordinary pools have had structural problems that caused some of them to collapse. After many years of research, Kayak is proud to present its state-of-the art technology that creates strong and durable pools.

  • Kayak pools are fully sustained by an exclusive aluminum top channel that spans over the swimming pool (length and width) and is locked into the deck, walls and wall studs. The interlock of the top channel is a one-piece device, so water pressure will not be able to separate the construction.
  • The design of the top channel sports a line receiver; its goal is to eliminate over-the-wall liners, and the effect is a safer pool.
  • The technology in our pool is meant to absorb shocks. It looks nice and it does not stand in your way. Plus, your installation will go much easier than you expect.