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Pool Ladders

Swimming Pool Ladders
Safety first, on your way to having a great time!

Kayak Pools ® In-Pool Ladder

  • 3 steps made of polypropylene
  • Rust-protected, for ever
  • Don’t worry for space: steps are large enough for balance and comfort
  • Easy to handle. Pool installation is so easy now!
  • 100% resistant to any weight

Kayak Pools® Swing-Up Aluminum Safety Ladder

Strong does not necessarily mean heavy! The outside ladder, constructed from aluminium, can easily be removed when the pool is not used (an important feature to ensure children safety). It also has a locking option, to prevent unauthorized access while you are not around.

Kayak® Stairs - Come into your Pool!
Come on in - the water's great! Thanks to Kayak's® new Corner Stairs, access to your pool has never been easier. Kayak stairs allow you to move more naturally to enter and exit your pool.

If you want to sit down before getting into your swimming pool, or walk right in, you'll feel very safe thanks to the strong foundation under you. Kayak's® Stairs have been heavily tested and matched the most rigourous above-the-ground pool safety standards!

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